Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tis' The Season

It wasn't long after my family headed home that I decided it was time to start decorating for Christmas.... just a few hours in fact! So.... we started with going to get a tree :) Below you will find some Christmas decor, Bear's Christmas sweater (which may or may not come off the whole month of December), Hudson's ornaments from growing up, some hot cocoa with green and red marshmallows, our first Christmas tree (yes it's petite, but we had to squeeze it into a nonexistent corner), and some very poorly lit pictures. Enjoy!


  1. SUPER cute Annie!! You will love that you documented decorating for Christmas in yall's little apartment before you had children. So sweet!! We miss yall! Can't wait for Christmas Eve!

  2. So fun to "watch" you decorate! Miss ya'll.