Monday, December 12, 2011


Christmas is in full swing in our house.... hot chocolate with marshmallows is the beverage of choice, Christmas movies have taken over our TV (we are currently watching Christmas Vacation... oh Clark.) and I am almost done with our Advent calendar-yes I know it's December 12th...... One of the best early Christmas gifts was my dear friend Eli coming up to visit - we did all of the things I had hoped for and then some. We cooked yummy dinners, we frolicked around Beantown, sat in coffee shops, ate delicious lunches, and had wonderful heart talks. It was a sweet visit.

This weekend was wonderfully restful, filled with two date nights with the hubs, Christmas shopping, church, and pizza with sweet friends.

And stay tuned because I am hoping to debut something I am really excited about very soon!!!!

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