Saturday, April 30, 2011

HBS Admitted Students Welcome

Well our time at the admitted students welcome was certainly just that...... welcoming. The students we met, classes we saw, and professors we talked to affirmed everything we had hoped to find at HBS. Some of the admitted students we met were still deciding if they were going to attend, but for the most part we met several of Hudson's future classmates. The school did a wonderful job of making all of the HBS partners (such as me) feel extremely welcomed and included. You honestly couldn't tell who was a student and who was a partner. As a partner I will have complete access to all of the facilities, clubs, and services that the school has to offer, pretty sweet!

Getting prepped for Admitted Students Welcome..... doesn't he look cute!

Quiche Lorraine, yes please

Hydrating, everything is smaller here ....... including the cups

Paper man in the coffee shop where we had lunch

View of the Charles River from Cambridge. Across the river is HBS and this is the foot bridge.


  1. thank you for sharing! i am so excited for you both. i really hope robert and i can come for a visit while you are there. it all sounds and looks wonderful even if it is all the way up in boston! your adventure will be great! we will continue to pray for you both every step of the way! love yall!!

  2. Thank you Kim! You and Robert will definitely have to visit! Y'all are more than welcome any time to come up! Can't wait!