Saturday, April 23, 2011


Looks like it's time for a visit! In spring of 2009, Hudson, Tots, Ruthie, and I traveled up to Boston for Hudson to interview for graduate school. In our short 72 hour trip, we walked the Freedom Trail twice, bought long underwear, stayed in a jungle themed hotel, caught pneumonia (Ruth), and wondered about living in this far far away land.

(I told you it was jungle themed)

Well after lots of waiting, a few pictures and a cookie cake later, it looked like we were Boston bound!

We haven't been back since then, and believe me, trying to find a place to live when you aren't actually there is quite the challenge. Let's just say google maps and I have become best of friends. We will be making our way to Beantown in a couple days to hopefully find an apartment and attend a new students event. Wish us luck!

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