Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday people! Get ready for a completely scatter brained blog post. I thought I would give you the gift of a new blog post for the beginning of the week. This week is big - I am rediscovering self-discipline and early mornings in preparation for the prospect of starting work next week. The past couple months have been wonderful and restful but they have completely gone against my nature of being an early morning riser. Growing up I was known to get up at 5 am before school.... why you ask? well to watch Saved By the Bell and Gilligan's Island of course! This tendency for early morning productivity has not left me since (I don't know that I would call getting up early to watch tv productive...). So this week I am getting back into the routine of being a productive member of society. This weekend I planned meals, chopped up and prepared all of the veggies for the week, made lunches, cleaned, and planned exercise classes to attend. The first time I have fully planned out a week in a lllllooooooooong time.

Let's stop here for just a second and let me share one of the most life changing conveniences that I discovered this weekend -- online grocery shopping - yes that's right. While watching football on Saturday I went from aisle to aisle of a grocery store with just a click of the mouse. I could compare prices on the items that I wanted, see my total go up, and delete anything in the basket we didn't really need. Let me just say it was magical! Then on Sunday, voila! A nice man named Chuck rings our doorbell and there are our groceries with a complimentary apple pie! Alright now back to being productive.

This morning I went the gym with the full intentions of attending a spin class..... but the spin class was full and so I ended up in Zumba. Love it.... in my room alone, but this was a room full of women with an instructor who may as well have been J Lo. Let's just say things didn't go down pretty.

I have fallen out of the habit of cooking full meals, so in celebration of making a full meal, here is what we ate Sunday

Salad (lettuce from the CSA farm), with pears (from pear picking!), golden raisins, candied walnuts, and goat cheese
Roasted potato slices and carrots (also from CSA farm)
Balsamic Pork Chops with shallots

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  1. you should be so proud! what productivity! I'm impressed