Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Looking Forward

Whoa Annie is this two posts in two consecutive days? Why yes it is dear reader friend- read on.

Fall is here and I am loving every minute of it. The New England fall foliage, pumpkin spice lattes (or really pumpkin anything), and the refreshing autumn air have gotten me in the mood for craftivities (yes I just made that word up). My family is coming up for the week of Thanksgiving and we could not be more excited! (shout out to the Griswolds). Trying to be thrifty I had decided not to decorate our tiny apartment that few people actually see for the harvesty-halloweeny-thanksgivingy fall. And then I changed my mind.....In the last 24 hours we decided that we would actually undertake the privilege of hosting a real thanksgiving dinner (we had originally opted for going out to dinner since we are sans dishwasher, sans table, and my dad is a foodie and I am a little terrified of cooking for him) and we are having our church community group over tomorrow night. Ssssssooooooo shortly after these decisions were made a trip to Michaels was in order and a autumn yarn wreath is being made:) I need to finish it tonight so I will be sure to update with pics soon:)

Also I realized I didn't provide any captions to yesterday's photos so here you go:

1. Bear helping me study for boards...
2. Lazy Saturday nap time
3. Homemade pizza: goat cheese, olive oil, Rosemary, carrots, squash, and shallots on wheat crust- Hudson was
Terrified, let's just say we ate different dinners that night
4. Bible study
5. Passed out
6. Bear decided Ruthie's face was the perfect place to take a napsy
7. Studying for boards with Bear - pre haircut
8. Sunrise run with the pups at Cape Cod - it turns out they love the beach
9. More pretty sunrise
10. On a walk by the Charles River

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  1. Thanks for the updates Annie! So excited for you about your job....I have been keeping up with things with your sweet momma! Loved the pictures and especially the sunrise. Also, love the skulling on the Hudson River picture. We will miss you all at Thanksgiving, but know you will have a blast with all the family up in Beantown! Love you and keep the posts coming!