Thursday, July 28, 2011

From Here to There

Well our precious time at the lake is coming to a close. Golf, sun, lake, reading, swimming, and good food are being traded in for the more tedious task of packing. Here are some photos to capture the wonderful time we had!

Tyler and Emily

Nature..... I almost took one

Tyler and Emily with old Abe

Tyler not so sure

Tyler and Emily on the boat.....

Why hello there captain

Bear and Billy Goat

Bear being awesome on the sea doo

Bear chilling with his peeps

Bill and Hudson playing water frisbee on sea doo, no big


Two dudes on a sea doo

Bill and Adrienne!

Tots, Tata, Tots-O-Rama, Tyty, Totsy....I could keep going

Getting ready for some fun on the lake

Sara Beth and Austin!

Eli tearing it up!

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