Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shades of Yellow and Gray

"Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again..."
Okay, the rest of the lyrics to that song don't really apply.... and we aren't leaving on a jet plane. BUT we are driving my little car, packed with two pups (who, ahem, may be slipped puppy sleeping pills) up the east coast to our new home in Boston (don't worry family, you know where our true home is).

I have been using these photos of our apartment that I posted back in April to figure out what furniture and decor will best preserve the small space we will have in our new home. We have mainly resorted to taking furniture that will stand against the walls and give us the most storage, leaving some open living space.

While perusing the interweb for ideas (yes pinterest played a major role) to transform this little corner of Cambridge to a place of our own, I have fallen in love with all shades of mustard, yellow, and gold! Shout out to my sweet friend Charlotte for introducing me to this lovely color. I must preface this with the detail that while we were apartment searching, natural light, windows, and charm were a deciding factor in our search (after location and pet-friendly of course). I think I have this hidden dread that a Boston winter will leave our place gloomy and gray, so I am doing my best to redeem our nest with some natural inner beauty before winter hits! You may be seeing some of these sweet lovelies making an appearance....

Courtesy of Giordino's Etsy Shop

Courtesy of PillowMio's Etsy Shop

Courtesy of Whitenest's Etsy Shop

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