Monday, July 4, 2011

Moores on the Move

Sit, hands on keys, type, share.

I feel like the simple things of life such as blogging, eating well, working, sleeping, reading, resting, and exercising have been traded in for the demands of moving 1,108 miles away (yes I g-mapped it). In the next month I will finish graduate school, Hudson will finish his current job, I will take my boards and look for a job, Hudson will start graduate school, we will get rid of half of our stuff, move across the country, sell one car, figure out school loans, buy a few pieces of furniture, bring other furniture back home, and be in a sweet friend's wedding.

whew, deep breath.

So please bare with me as I scramble between now and then to find some balance of routine in this new limbo of life. As for now these kidos are helping me focus on the more simple things :)

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