Thursday, July 28, 2011

Growing up

Hello there dear reader-friend! Today marks a milestone as I feel a little more grown up today. Yes, I know what you are thinking, "Annie, you are grown up! You have a poochon, a cockapoo, and live with a man!" Yes, I know dear friend, but nothing has really made me feel quite as grown up as purchasing my first rug, make that TWO rugs!

Since making our own little home two years ago, we have been graciously loaned beautiful furniture from family and friends. Pieces that we are SO thankful for! If we hadn't had these things we probably would have been watching tv on beanbags and sleeping on the ground. But now we have TWO grown-up rugs, that WE bought. Not borrowed, not handed-down, but brand new, being shipped to us, picked out for our home. College kids don't have nice new area rugs, non-grown-ups don't have area rugs...... we have two new area rugs and are now grown up.

I am anxious to show you these two beauties but I think I will wait for the big reveal when they are home in our new crib. Think warm, bright, cozy, and inviting. Stay tuned!

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