Thursday, August 11, 2011

Update and We are Here!

The past couple days, well shall I say weeks have been somewhat of a whirlwind, but I can finally say that our cross country trek has come to an end and we are HERE, in Cambridge! I want to go ahead and apologize if this post is somewhat of a conglomeration of all of my thoughts and our doings over the past few days. I want to remember all of our wonderful fairwells that we had in the days approaching our departure, and it was Hudson’s birthday on August 2nd, what what?! Oh and did I mention that I am writing this post in a starbucks FOUR doors down from our apartment, yes please slash this could be dangerous.

Whew where do I start. Hudson’s 24th birthday was August 2nd, which (poor planning on our part), was the day before the movers came…… so it was pretty anticlimactic. In the midst of crazy packing (which I have found, and Hudson can vouch, is one of my weaknesses) I grabbed a cookie cake to remind us what a special day it was. Besides some oh-so-delicious Great American Cookie, not much celebration happened….. until we went home to family and we had FOUR more cakes!!! (Thanks for making Hudson’s birthday so great!)

Things I want to remember about our last week in the South:
* On my last day of class Hudson was still back home with family while I was in Nashville, and my sweet sweet friends Emily and Mark picked me up, took me and treated me to some delicious Thai food, vacuumed and dusted my apartment (seriously who are these people?) and then treated me to Bobbie’s Dairy Dip (If you live in Nashville – go there now). I don’t think I can say how loved I felt watching friends vacuum our nasty empty apartment.
*Shout out to our families for watching the pups while we packed, literally would not have been possible if they had been there.
*Farewell breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with sweet friends.
* Going to target to buy twinkle lights with Julia in the four hours that she was home between college and camp, and hearing all about her summer adventures and hopes for the coming year.
*Getting my nails done with mom – not sure why but I chose yellow?
*The multiple dinners with Hudson’s family and my family – I dearly love and miss these people already! Get yourselves here A to the SAP, you know who you are!

Things I want to remember from our roadtrip
* Disclaimer, I in no way want this blog to be a trophy shelf but I do need to throw a big shout out to the hubs, who is hot, wonderful, great, amazing and also…. Drove 20 hours!
*New Jersey – I hate to indulge the stereotype but this state was ridiculous. Granted I am sure there are beautiful lovely parts, but if you ever drive through it, make sure you do your bathroom stop in Delaware, because there are about 2 interstate exits in New Jersey and they are horrible. Okay stopping there.
*Hunger Games on audiobook was amazing, go read it now.

Things I want to remember about our first 24 hours in Cambridge
*All of our furniture is still in transit and won’t be here until Sunday, so our first night in Cambridge included Hudson becoming a member of the public library and us checking out Rainman to watch on my laptop on the aerobed.
*The library yard across the street is an undercover dog park, which is where I met two other dog owners at 6 am this morning- in my pajamas
*I took the dogs on a walk around Harvard’s campus this morning – where do we live?
*Us driving for the first time through the city was terrifying, we got honked at 3 times, and almost hit twice. (I don’t think our Tennessee tag helped)
*Did you know that carrying pepper spray here is considered carrying a weapon – so I have to go get a permit to carry my pepper spray – there is no way am I getting rid of that stuff (I wonder if they will be okay that mine has tear gas in it)

My apologies for the lack of photos..... I didn't bring my camera with me to the Starbucks but will add some soon!

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  1. I am so excited you and the hubby made it to Beantown safely! Just wish your mom and I were there to help you today when the furniture arrived! Can't wait to hear about this new adventure! Blessings on you both as you get settled! Love you dearly....and tell hubby hello!