Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Kidos

Whenever having a conversation with a friend or family member on the phone, they usually ask, "how are the dogs?" So I thought to myself, "if people are asking about the pups on the phone, then surely the folks on the interweb would want to know!" (In all sincerity I know this post is really more for me than for you... and I thought the our furry family members deserved a formal introduction).

Nicknames: Dr. Bear, Mr. Bear, Professor Bear, Bear Bear
2 Years Old
1/2 Bichon Frise 1/2 Toy Poodle: "Poochon" "Bichon Poo"

Bear is a fun loving and photogenic apricot poochon. He loves a good lap to sit on often gets the Zippies or does the Bichon Blitz. The bichon was originally bred to be a companion to Mediterranean sailors in the 14th century. It makes sense that Bear's ancestors made their homes on boats since this pup loves a good boat or even a sea doo ride. Really anything that will put the wind through his fro. Bear is also known to smile, literally he has a smile on his face, another trait of the bichon.

Nicknames: Pais, Paizaroni (kind of like pepperoni), Billy Goat, Cow
1 Year Old
1/2 Cocker Spaniel 1/2 Toy Poodle: "Cockapoo" "Spoodle"

Pais is a blue merle cockapoo who is the happiest pup I know. She digs down to her spaniel roots with her inability to let a bird fly by without her checking it out. She doesn't like it when people wear hats but she will love you forever if you give her a belly rub. Paisley sits on top of our couch (like a cat) for hours watching people walk down the street. Paisley is a great swimmer, has huge velvet ears and she is often difficult to photograph due to her strange coloring and different colored eyes.

Also, if you like dogs, have a dog, want a dog, or know someone who has a dog, National Geographic' "Science of Dogs" (found on Netflix) will blow your mind. (There is another documentary on Netflix called "Dogs Decoded.") It describes the deviation of dogs from wolves (who are 99.8% genetically identical) in how dogs respond to human behavior and wolves won't. For example a dog innately knows to look you in the eyes and a wolf doesn't, or a dog knows to follow your gaze to an object and a wolf can't. Dogs are the most diverse species on the planet (literally), they can be bred to/trained to detect explosives the size of a piece of sand, hunt for truffled mushrooms in Italy, and smell cancer. Craz-ay. Go get yourself one A to the SAP.

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