Thursday, August 18, 2011

Project Pretty Cabinets

As you may have gathered by now, our apartment has limited closets, storage, and space..... so the beautiful kitchen cabinets that the previous tenant used to display her lovely china, have been demoted to our pantry. These cabinets provide us with the perfect place in our kitchen to store food, however it screams CLUTTER!!
Exhibit A

That left me to do some crafting on how to keep our kitchen looking as simple and uncluttered as possible. Soooo, I took a homemade shower-curtain that I made (and by "I" I mean my wonderful mother-in-law Ruthie "helped" me sew shower curtains before we moved to Nashville - on my mom's 1980s sewing machine, yeah she is pretty great)- and threw it behind the cabinets to hide our makeshift pantry.


Whew, mission de-clutter accomplished

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  1. Very clever Annie! Love your charming! Still just wishing I was up helping you get settled! :-} hope you are working on the pic/video show for us all out here in blog world! Love you.....