Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Big Reveal....

Because I know that you are all sitting at home hitting your refresh button, hoping to see pictures of our new place (I am kidding of course), I thought I would give you a little update. Our Boston home is days away from the big reveal, but we are not quite there yet..... Still putting up some pictures and waiting on a rug or two... but soon dear friends, very soon. So, that leaves a couple matters of business. How do you want to see our new place? Pictures, video, both? I have a little poll out to the side so feel free to vote on your interface of choice (yes I just said that). In the mean time let me just say that living in an old house comes with its quirks. Charm yes, functionality, maybe. Last night as I was making dinner (and by making dinner I mean microwaving sports themed off brand macaroni - don't judge, I said I would start cooking tomorrow), the power went out twice! The first time I looked next door and in the hallway to see if the entire building had lost power, but no, it was just us. Hudson went into the basement to flip the surge protector, I restart the microwave, and boom there goes the power again. So.... we ended up having to turn off all of the lights and electronics in our apartment in order to successfully use the microwave without blowing the power. Whew, you live, you learn, and then you get luvs.