Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby Bird Blue

This past weekend I was taking the pups out to the bathroom when Paisley pulled me behind a tree. I quickly realized what she was so interested in when amongst the pine straw I discovered a mama bird hunched over her nest. Even with this huge (in relations) cockapoo sitting over her, the mama did not even think of abandoning her fragile babes. I quickly pulled Paisley away from the sweet family and we went on our way.

Later that day we walked by that same tree, and I was interested to see if the mama and her nest were still nestled in the pine straw. As we turned the corner, all that was left was one egg, it had fallen from the original nest and was cracked. Realizing that it had been kicked from the nest (probably because it wasn't going to survive) I scooped it up. After examining the crack I realized that it had killed the baby bird, all of the fluid was gone and the remains were starting to smell.

I was ticked.

I don't know why I was so upset over this cracked egg, but I was sick of seeing broken eggs. It seems that all I have seen lately are babies with lethal birth defects and broken bodies. Seeing one more creature die, even if it was just a bird's egg, set me off.

So fast forward. Since finding that egg I have been more than determined. Every time I have taken the dogs out is like a real life easter egg hunt, searching for abandoned eggs. Well today the easter egg hunt was more than fruitful. After scouring the grounds of our apartment I found the perfect blue robins egg sitting in the pine straw, abandoned and chilled from the rain.

Realizing its chance for survival was slim, I quickly scooped it up and held it tightly in my hand. Not sure if I was feeling the pulse of my own fingers or the quickening of the baby bird, I worked hard to keep the egg warm while the pups finished up their walk.

Fast forward several hours, lots of research, and a homemade incubator later, and Baby Bird Blue is sweetly gestating in our dining room.

I don't know if Baby Bird Blue will hatch, and if he does, if he will ever make it to a fledgling.

But at least it's one less broken egg.

Homemade incubator includes window lid, light for heat, thermometer, homemade nest, and sponge for added humidity.

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