Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hold the phone!

Yesterday when I was getting my hair done the hairstylist somehow talked me into putting feather exensions in my hair..... and I surprised myself, saying, "sure, why not?"

Who am I?

So as of yesterday I have three little feathers living in my hair.... Just call me Pocahontas.

Ignore the frizz.

You can look at some for yourself here

Also, get yourself to Target A to the SAP because apparently them and anthropologie had some mix-ups in the factory and I landed myself with the most delicious antique gold maxi dress as well as a fun summer romper onezie at an awesome price.


  1. annie i love your feathers and your blog! im planning on getting them too actually! love you! ally

  2. Oh my gosh- after incubating that egg you are taking the role of 'Momma-Bird' to a whole new level!!

    They are really cute :)
    Tres chic!