Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Well hello there....

So sorry for leaving you hanging there for a few days! The past couple weeks have caught me way out of routine with our trip to Boston and then a week of intensive classes. Being a creature of habit, this has let the blog run to the wayside, not to say that I haven't been thinking about my readers! (is it too soon to call you that?)

Several times this week I have had post ideas that I have meant to jot down and write about, but it seems a little overwhelming to tackle all of them right this second. So...... I am just going to give you a peak at what I have been thinking about:

1. Decorating our new place! The furniture that we currently have is not all going to fit into our new apartment, and there are a couple things that we are going to need to make the place work. Making furniture fit around radiators and maximizing our storage space will make for a new challenge. I stumbled upon this blog, Small Space Style, that looks at some creative decorating and space saving ideas.

Also, instead of having a dining room we are going to have a library/study/sitting room, and I have already found the perfect reading corner to curl up of course I need the perfect chair! Is it weird that I am looking at this velvet fainting sofa? (sorry for the tiny pic)

Picture it, dogs in lap, yummy blanket, morning coffee, good book.... just dreamy

2. To Do!!
This is my list. I made it to give me a good idea of what needs to be done between now and August, but honestly I have a small anxiety attack whenever I look at it.

3. Let's get organized. It's time to purge! I have the itch that comes only a couple times a year. Maybe it's because we will be making a new nest in a couple months but I am ready to buy some intense containers and invest in a label maker.

What are you up to?

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