Friday, May 13, 2011

Chair in progress.....woot woot!

So the comfy cozy corner chair is in order! I have BIG ideas for our apartment but we are also on a BIG budget, so where does that leave the comfy cozy corner chair you ask? Why on Craigslist of course. I have been perusing the interweb for a couple of days and stumbled upon the perfect tufted, neutral, cozy, grandmother chair for TWENTY-FIVE dollas (pronounced in Boston accent)! Spruce it up with a cute pillow, nice blanket, and it's just as great as the Urban Outfitters 600$ velvet fainting couch!


  1. Ohhh nice!! Love it! I am loving stalking your blog, Annie! I missed you at the wedding!

  2. Yay I am glad to know that someone is reading it! I know, I SO wish I could have been there :) Looking forward to some fun times over Memorial Day Weekend!!!