Thursday, September 8, 2011

I've been thinking...

So I wish that I had some wonderfully crafted post to share.... but I don't.... so that leaves us with some not-so-entertained readers and an empty-handed blogger. And here is where you come in! What do you want to hear about dear friend? Do you like the random posts on random happenings? Do you want to get more personal? More pictures? You tell me!

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For right now all I have are some random thoughts on some random topics:

1. Our apartment is being overtaken by dust-bunnies.... no not from the dogs, but from the flokati rug. Apparently these things shed like a lab in an Alabama summer, and I have gotten aggressive. Can I be spotted sitting on our floor on summer evenings, brushing the rug with a metal dog brush.... perhaps?

2. I am feeling a bit like a bad dog-mom these days..... I know, you think I am the best dog-mom, but apparently in New England there is an entirely different "breed" (no pun intended.... okay it was intended) of dog moms. Yesterday I took B and P to the vet for their yearly check up and shots. I asked the vet what the best treats were to keep the tartar down on their teeth, also informing him that I brush their teeth every two weeks (which I feel is pretty good for a dog?) and he informed me that I should be brushing their teeth every day, or every other day at a minimum. Who has time for that?! Also, last night in the rain B and P were the only rain-jacket-less dogs. I guess that's the life of southern dogs in the big city.

3. Hudson's southern heritage is coming out in full force at Harvard Business School. Their class of 900 has been divided up into sections... well unfortunately for Hudson he was placed in a vowel section "I".... which nobody can understand him pronouncing. Instead of saying, "I am in section 'eye'", he says, "I am in section ayehe"..... "oh section A"?.... "No, ayehe" "oh section E?".... and on and on it goes

4. On top of that sweet southern accent he has also been identified as some as the kid in class who wears colorful polos.... not exactly the usual garb for these parts.

5. And just for funzies here is a pic of the hubs and our friend Mark hitting up the Brookstone chairs while we were on a double date..... typical.

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