Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh Cambridge My Cambridge...

So I just got back from a run, which was really more of a mixture of walking and faster walking, and I realized how much I really do love this town. I so wish I could take each of you by the hand and show you the places that we walk and the things that we see. But, a blog post will just have to do for now..... until each of you come visit that is!

First off, let's just say that its 60 degrees here..... yes that is correct, people are walking around in sweaters, scarves, and leggings, the way fall really should be in September. Once again I know the trade off of a long gray winter is coming, but for now I am loving this cool weather.

I love how people congregate in the streets, walking to the many pastry and coffee shops for a mid morning visit. I love how you can run into a post man and give him your letters and how there is a cop on every corner to greet you as you walk to the square. I love the historic cobblestone, the people who ride their bikes with their dog in the front basket, I love the little mamas and their babies across the street who always want to play with our dogs. I love that it is a two minute walk to the closest fro yo, coffee shop, pub, or restaurant. I love that there is life on these streets. And once you get past some of the quirky characters you might run into, with their offensive signs or clothing, you can really get to love this place.

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  1. Ohhhhh, Annie, I wish I was there! Sounds so fun and I know you are loving the weather. I could definitely see Marley in a bike basket if I lived there....hehe!! Love and miss you hon'!!