Thursday, September 15, 2011


I don't even know where to begin with this post but I wanted to portray how thankful I am. God has been gracious over this last month in New England, providing us with new friends, church, and community. I knew that our lives in Boston would look very different from the one we have led so far, not bad or weird, but different. I was nervous about living in a liberal culture of academia, where churches are young and believers are few. But God has shown us Himself in so many ways.

Before moving here we had looked at churches online that we would be interested in making our homes during our time in Boston. We had basically narrowed it down to two in the whole city that we would be interested in visiting and one of those is around the corner from our apartment. We have also been placed in a church community group in our neighborhood with a couple who is starting their second year at HBS. It's awesome to see how the Lord perfectly orchestrated where we would live to bring glory to His church.

On top of giving us a church family, God has surrounded us with other Believers in the Harvard community. Last night we attended Harvard Business School Christian Fellowship and I was astounded by the turn out. It was also fun to see classmates who we didn't realize were fellow believers (not exactly the first question you ask in these parts :). I think I heard one of Hudson's classmates turn to someone and say, "Dude! I didn't know you were a Christian!"

There have been countless other situations with Bible studies forming, women's get togethers, and couple friends to get to know. So all that to say, I can't wait to see what God's plans are for the people of Cambridge and Boston, and I am excited that we get to be a part of His story here.

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